Look and Adorn meets the daily fashion of women and lifestyle of the people in today’s India. Started by a young woman entrepreneur Sumi Bhattacharjee who loves to create handmade jewellery by passion left her job in the vision of supporting the rural Artisans of India. She has participated in hundreds of Exhibitions across India promoting and supporting the self-independent women Artisans working from home.

Nothing is permanent, so the business module also needs change with time. With digitalisation coming into play, the Brand Look and Adorn created an online E-commerce platform with the vision to reach more people all across the globe.

Lookandadorn.com believes to make a platform where hundreds of Artisans, Weavers ,Art lovers and buyers who are interested in genuine products sail in the same boat. This interaction brings forth new inspiration, ideas and creations that makes the fashion and lifestyle of the new generation keeping the ethnic class intact with a tinge of modernisation.

In today's world, most of the people are concerned with cost, so they are inclined to machine made products. This is how thousands of skillfull artisans and weavers are losing job and are forced to shift to other professions. Accordingly, our unique idea is to market and promote the genuine products made by the Artisans and Weaver's through www.lookandadorn.com 

With each passing day, our journey continues in promoting the artisans, handmade weavers and self-independent women working from home who creates beautiful handmade items and crafts, can directly enlist their products on www.lookandadorn.com and promote their products across the globe creating potential customers and sale.

The revenue generated from the sale will help the Artisans and Weavers in their livelihood and also to produce more unique & exclusive designer products.

We are in continuous process of improving our product line. As we love to sell handmade and hand-woven products, we are now grooming our artisans in developing new skills to go fully organic and use herbal colours for dying and printing.

On a service level we believe to provide the best customer experience on our web portal. Also, we are improving our packaging of goods and after sale services.

Our continuous process of innovation and improvements has helped us to reach a level where today we are catering our products all across India. We are looking forward to up-scale our market and cater customers all across the world.